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FLEXIBLE MARBLE stone installation can be easily done using many of the basic tools used in most tile work. It can be applied over: concrete, ceramic, wood, metal, plywood, fiberglass, backer board, tile, dry wall, painted surfaces, MDF and many other substrates as well. Because the FLEXIBLE MARBLE sheets are waterproof they can be used in most wet locations.

FLEXIBLE MARBLE sheets are waterproof and they can be used in most wet locations. Before application it may be necessary to clean, brush, or degrease the substrate surface to remove dust or oils.

Simply apply adhesive to the surface where you are going to install FLEXIBLE MARBLE and mount the sheet into place.

AV-notched trowel is recommended for best results. Use a straight trowel for back-filling of voids.

Soft Sponge is recommended to remove air and flatten Flexible Marble.

Flexible Marble can be cut with hand sheers.

It is advisable to wear rubber gloves while working with Flexible Marble.

Installation Tools

  • No diamond discs!
  • Scissors and Utility knife.
  • Notched trowel for "rock" (teeth) 8-10mm
  • Notched trowel for "Velvet", "Silk Velvet", "Wood" (teeth) 4-6mm
  • Level/Laser Level
  • Bucket, Sponge, Mixer


Know your adhesives; by understanding the specifics of any adhesives, much time and cost can be saved. Our specialists recommend you proper adhesives for indoor or outdoor install

The joint width can be set as you like. But you can also ask an architect or designer for advice. Apply the adhesive evenly on the wall and press the material evenly. Once you pull the protruding adhesive from the joints immediately wipe adheseve with a wet sponge. Wash carefully, so that no glue residue can be seen on the material!

Grout color = glue color (white, gray, silver gray, etc.) If you wish to characterize the seam, coloured dye can be added to the glue. Whatever dye colour you choose will be reflected in the seam. In damp and poorly ventilated rooms the adhesive an antibacterial substance should be added! Mould- affected surfaces should be first treated by specialized substances.

Installation service

Installation service

The NewTech Stone offers high quality installation services for all the types of Flexible Marble. From site preparation to the final cleanup. All of our installers are fast, professional, detail oriented and highly skilled and will provide you with exceptional customer service, value and experience.

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